Climate Controlled Household Storage Service -

Looking for a household climate controlled storage service company, that can assist you with all your moving and storage services needed to process your residential local or long distance move carefully and stress free use us the most expert and knowledgeable movers in Chicago area.

Why you need our Storage Service

When you have a local or long distance move and for any reason your new place where you moving to is not ready or you need some time before you move in, then you needs short, overnight storage or overnight truck storage some services that we offer free for interstate moves, we will professionally pack and prepare your move, wrap all furniture with thick quality moving pads, after that we will load your goods and drive back to our storage facilities in Chicago-land to store them in our climate controlled warehouse if you ask for that, if you are ready to receive your goods same day latter or next day and you located in few hours away (4-6 hours) we will keep your goods overnight truck storage and deliver them same or next day truck will be parked inside our warehouse locked and secure, if you ready in two to three day we will unload and reload when you are ready.

What is Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage is a storage or warehouse facilities that is climate managed to be stable as room temperature between 55 to 65 which it keep your households goods protracted and safe from heat and cold damage or weather change temporary.

Overnight Truck Storage Rules

As we mention before our moving company help offer overnight storage in warehouse or truck storage for your own reason, if you do move in a day or two, the big benefit of have your goods stored overnight on truck is less movement of your belongs load, overnight truck storage then unload at your new location, this process will save you a lot of headache and peace of mind from damages or scratches, 95% of time same crew who pick your stuff will deliver them next day.

Free Storage Services and Deals

We provide free storage service to all interstate clients who need to store their goods for one month at no charge, after the free one month storage you may keep your goods as much time you need at our low cost rates and storage deals, when you ready to receive your goods in your new home in Illinois, California, Florida, Washington, New York or anywhere in the country our long distance movers will deliver your goods to your new destination all your belongs will stay packed and wrapped as we picked it and we will unwrap it from our moving pads only at your final destination, we will not charge you for moving pads rental.
If you are moving locally in state of Illinois you have almost same long distance benefits but we do charge for storage, normally when customers need local storage services in Chicago land they will use it for short time, we offer both short and long, you may use our local movers to pick you goods and stored them in our climate controlled storage and when you diced to move out you can hire our local movers again to move you anywhere in Illinois or your our long distance movers to move you out of state or interstate move across country, our local movers storage have to be charged by weights by the Illinois Commerce Commission, our moving company help have a minimum of 2000 lbs at 15 cent per pound as a minimum charge for storage in local move in Illinois.
Call our moving company help at 847-470-9900 for more details about our climate controlled storage services of fill out our online moving estimate form.

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Climate Controlled Household Storage Service
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Climate Controlled Household Storage Service

Climate Controlled Household Storage Service


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